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Ikea commits to become energy independent


New York -- The Ikea Group plans to become energy and resource independent by 2020, according to the chain’s new “People & Planet Positive” sustainability initiative.

Its goal to produce as much renewable energy as is consumed in its stores and buildings builds on the $1.8 billion the company has allocated to wind and solar projects. It also includes improving the energy efficiency in Ikea operations by at least 20% and encouraging suppliers to do the same plans to change more than 1 million light sources inside its stores to LED and other more efficient lighting.

In the United States, Ikea has increased the number of solar installations to 34 stores and distribution centers, with five more underway; which represents 90% solar presence in the U.S. Additionally, there are 33 electric vehicle charging stations at nine stores in western U.S.

The company is also looking to “inspire and enable” customers to live sustainably at home.

“We believe that sustainability should not be a luxury good – it should be affordable for everyone. With over 770 million visitors to our stores, we are excited by the opportunity to help our customers fulfill their dreams at home with beautiful products that help them save money on their household bills by reducing energy and water use, as well as reducing waste,” said Steve Howard, chief sustainability officer, Ikea Group.

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