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H.E.B. Supports Texas Recycling Initiative


New York City H.E. Butt Grocery Co. is backing a new piece of legislation in Texas that would require businesses to maintain on-site recycling bins for plastic bags at retail stores, according to the San Antonio Business Journal.

The bill would also require grocers to offer customers reasonably priced reusable bags, with a goal of reducing the amount of plastic bags consumed by Texans.

H.E.B. already has bins at its store entrances for recycling not only its own plastic bags, but all soft plastics. The retailer sells a variety of reusable bags.

As part of the education campaign, H-E-B is also training its checkers how to property sack groceries in a reusable bag, the report said. Signs at the entrances are being used to remind customers to bring in their reusable bags. The grocer has also begun handing out reminder key tags that can be placed on a customer’s key ring.

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