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Harris Teeter offers electronic recycling program


Nashville, Tenn. Harris Teeter said it has partnered with Engaged Recycling to turn outdated electronics into usable gift cards.

According to a report by WSMV-TV, in Nashville, Tenn., the grocer is introducing an online program in which customers first answer a series of questions and receive an estimate on the value of the electronic device they want to recycle.

"If they choose to move forward with it, the customer prints out a prepaid mailing label, drops their electronic device in the mail and then can either choose to receive back that value in Harris Teeter gift cards or they can donate that money to a school of their choice," said Catherine Reuhl, communications specialist for Harris Teeter.

Among the items that the public can recycle through the program are music players, game systems, cell phones, digital cameras and computer monitors.

A value is given to the recycler once the product is mailed in. Employees at Engaged Recycling inspect the product to determine the final value.

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