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Goodwill stores introduce ambient-scent technology in-store


Milwaukee -- Goodwill Industries said Thursday it has teamed with Prolitec to introduce fragrance technology to 44 of its stores in southeastern Wisconsin and metropolitan Chicago.

The rollout was preceded by a four-store test, and now the 44 locations, which include four under construction or in the process of opening, will utilize a signature scent featuring hints of sweet orange and honeysuckle, custom-designed by Milwaukee-based Prolitec.

“Scent is a big part of the store environment and the overall shopping experience, but creating a pleasant scent experience in thrift stores can be a bit more challenging than the norm,” said Billie Torrentt, VP stores at Goodwill. “We put a lot of pride into our stores and strive to make our shopping experience similar to mainstream retail.”

Prolitec’s scent delivery systems are computer controlled, delivering a uniform scent impact with an ultra-low quantity of fragrance in the air -- less than one molecule in every one million.

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