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GE Lighting, ByteLight collaborate on smart LED fixtures


Fairfield, Conn. - GE Lighting and ByteLight are introducing LED lighting fixtures that communicate with shoppers’ smart devices while in-store, enabling retailers to provide location-based services using GE LED infrastructure. ByteLight’s indoor location technology embedded inside GE LED fixtures will provide the ability to understand the precise location of shoppers using an opt-in application powered by ByteLight on their smartphones and tablets.

The solution combines Visible Light Communication (VLC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and inertial device sensors, and supports any Android or iOS application on a smart device equipped with a camera and/or Bluetooth Smart technology. The comprehensive approach enables retailers to reach shoppers from the parking lot to anywhere in the store there is LED light.

GE and ByteLight are connecting smart LEDs to digital marketing platforms to deliver contextually relevant content and create social shopping experiences, such as providing personalized shopping lists and maps, location-based targeted offers, and on-demand connection with virtual store associates.

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