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First Look: The new story at Story is about…

There's a new story at Story — the retail outpost in downtown Manhattan that reinvents itself with a new theme every couple of months — and this time it’s about work as well as retail.

For the next five weeks, Story is not only a store, but also a modern work space with complimentary private offices and shared spaces for people to work. And Wi-Fi is included.

For the duration of the installation, people can reserve a single working space at Story by going to the brand’s online site. Booking are available from 11-6.

There are also common areas, including a salon area complete with Starbucks Reserve coffee, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Story’s founder Rachel Shechtman called it a “transactional co-working space.”

The entire environment was designed by Blu Dot, which provided an extensive range of furnishings throughout. Blu Dot co-founder Maurice Blanks called the company’s collaboration with Story “a great opportunity to be part of an interesting conversation about what the future of work might be.”

The overall space is broken up into several different areas, starting with The Gallery, which features an exclusive assortment from London’s The School of Life, a resource for teaching companies and individuals about emotional intelligence. After the gallery is The Salon, a purely social space, with coffee (Starbucks Reserve), magazines, and games.

Next is The Office a regular office with desks, a conference table, and white boards. Visitors can also interact and engage with Samsung’s Flip interactive whiteboard, which is making its New York City debut at Story.

The next room, The Library, includes over 200 curated titles by leading business thinkers and authors, and some rare titles of organizational design and cultural transformation.

The final room, The Chamber, is described as the heart of the space and is designed for deep work. It’s made up of small rooms that allow for maximum focus on work with no possibility of interruption. To help arm folks with self-care tools and tricks that support such a focus, Arianna Huffington has curated an assortment of select merchandise from her Thrive Global online site.

Story said its new installation is intended to explore the future of work “as it relates to how and where we work.” It teamed up with Aaron Dignan, author, and founder of The Ready, on the concept.

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