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First Look: Champion, Los Angeles

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Champion Athleticwear, the nearly 100-year-old iconic athletic apparel brand, has opened its first-ever U.S. store, in Los Angeles.

Located in the city’s flourishing La Brea District, the outpost features onsite customization, allowing shoppers to design one-of-a-kind Champion garments tailored to their specific preferences, exclusive specialized product assortments not available anywhere else, and frequent product drops from the company’s global lines. Regional collections inspired by the Southern California area locale will also be available and will include exclusive styles, colors and partnerships with local influencers.

The store’s design is inspired by Champion’s sportswear heritage but interpreted in a modern way, mirroring how the brand continuously reinvents its classic and iconic products. Key materials reference the brand’s authentic American athletic wear positioning, and include reclaimed basketball-court hardwoods, gym lockers and metal mesh (like the mesh fabric Champion pioneered).

“The store will showcase not only our iconic pieces, such as Reverse Weave, but also our heritage and key moments in time, further illustrating our brand’s unique identity,” said David Robertson, director brand Champion brand marketing. “We truly believe in our mantra that ‘it takes a little more to make a Champion’ and we’ve transformed this concept into a reality with this store.”

Champion, which is owned by Hanesbrand, has been enjoying a renaissance recently, with new collections and embraced by such models and social media stars as Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner.
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