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First Look: Casper at Nordstrom

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Nordstrom is partnering with the online start-up that disrupted the mattress industry with its bed-in-a-box product.

The department store retailer has teamed up with Casper to open in-store Casper pop-ups in select Nordstrom stores. Called Sleep-in@Nordstrom, the shops will feature the Casper mattress (available in two styles), along with the brand’s pillow and sheets, including the launch of its newest offering, a sheet made of Belgian flax linen.

In addition, the pop-ups will feature a curated assortment of home and wellness essentials for morning, evening and sleep.

“Sleep and wellness is such an important part of our lives and we wanted to create a unique destination devoted to helping our customer find everything they need to achieve the best rest and relaxation possible,” said Olivia Kim, Nordstrom VP of creative projects. “Pop-In@Nordstrom is all about introducing our customers to the best of what’s out there, and we are excited to partner with a like-minded brand like Casper that leads with innovation and a strong customer experience.”

The Casper pop-ups at Nordstrom will be open through August 26.

Casper’s partnership with Nordstrom comes on the heels of its brick-and-mortar expansion in Canada. On the home front, Casper opened some 15 long-term pop-ups across the United States last year. In February, the brand opened its first-ever permanent location, in downtown Manhattan.

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