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Ethan Allen launches Intava interactive touchscreens in stores


Bellevue, Wash. -- Touchscreen solution-provider Intava said Thursday that Ethan Allen has selected Intava Vector to power the retailer’s new touchscreens in participating Ethan Allen Design Centers nationwide.

The touch screens showcase Ethan Allen’s designs using interactive technology that combines photos, videos and details on all available furnishings and accessories. The technology gives consumers the ability to discover, select and visualize home interiors through intuitive interactions with the screen.

“Choosing Intava as the technology provider for our new touch screens was an important decision, as we needed an extremely high-quality interactive retail system that could showcase complex product lines,” said Mike Bacon, director of retail systems for Ethan Allen. “The Intava solution is easy for our clients to use and can scale to support our retail locations across the country.”

Ethan Allen will deploy the touchscreens in most of its U.S. retail locations this fall. The touchscreens are powered by Intava Vector, a customizable visual merchandising and shopper assistance solution. In addition, Ethan Allen’s network of touchscreens will run on the Intava Sphira application platform, providing Ethan Allen with complete control through web-based content-management tools, centralized system health monitoring, remote diagnostic and administration tools, and store-by-store usage reports.

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