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7-Eleven opening futuristic store in South Korea


Convenience-store giant 7-Eleven is opening a store that allows customers to pay simply with a wave of their hand.

The store is located in the world's fifth largest building, Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea. It features a biometric verification system that scans vein patterns in shoppers' palm and allows them to pay by swiping their hands, reported Inside Retail Asia. A scanner at the self-checkout studies the size, color and shape of a shopper’s veins, and allows them to make payments after they have registered their Lotte Card user information.

Other features include an unmanned checkout system with a 360-degree laser scanner that reads the barcode of every item within range and calculates the total cost, according to the report, and refrigerators that automatically open and shut their doors. The high-tech 7-Eleven is doing a test run, open only to Lotte staff. It is due to open to the public in August.

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