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The Clinic, Denver

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Business is booming in the fast-growing business of medical and recreational cannabis. And the shops that specialize in the trade are taking their game up more than a few notches.

In July, The Clinic which operates five locations in Colorado, two in Illinois and one in Las Vegas, opened a flagship that shows just how much the industry has evolved from the sterile, sparsely decorated storefronts of just a couple years back.

Designed by JGA, Southfield, Mich., the new, 2,120-sq.-ft. Clinic offers customers a modern retail experience, with a clean, contemporary environment that is comfortable and easy to explore and personifies the brand’s art-meets-science-meets-nature aesthetic.

Warm, natural light fills the interior. A skylight is secured with custom metal millwork designed in The Clinic’s signature molecule/honeycomb shapes.

The open layout includes a medical area and a recreational area, each with a complementary, yet distinctive feel. Custom cases and display elements create a series of guest “pods” that are arranged organically, assuring each customer a degree of privacy and personal space.

Subtle hints of the company’s branding colors are applied to everything, from the weight scale to the upholstered seating areas to the graphics, and decorative light fixtures. It’s a clean and contemporary environment, with just the right balance of tech and touch

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