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Caution on LED rebates

The Design Lights Consortium implemented a new version of its LED specifications (DLC 4.2) last year. For most LED products, it required improved efficacy (increased lumens per watt). Products that did not meet the specification were removed from the DLC list (as of April 1, 2017).

DLC is very important when rebates come into play, according to BriteSwitch, which help businesses take advantage of rebates and incentive programs, as 70% to 85% of the rebate programs in the U.S. (depending on the product category) require LED products to be DLC approved to qualify for rebates. There is a new level of complexity as each program has different policies regarding the transition to DLC 4.2, advised the company. Numerous rebate programs have said, however, that only DLC 4.2 approved products can be used to qualify for rebates. In these areas, it is crucial to verify the product being used is on the most current DLC 4.2 list.

“It is very important to know your specific rebate program, what they allow, and the qualifications of the product you are using,” BriteSwitch said in a posting on its website. “You have to do your homework which will usually require reading the fine print and calling the rebate implementer. Also, we have noticed many rebate programs recently revising their policy without any notice due to customer feedback so you must stay up to date.”
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