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Bottletop opens first 3D-printed store

A small store in London is attracting a lot of attention for its unusual design.

Sustainable luxury accessories brand Bottletop broke new ground with the opening of its first permanent store, on Regent Street in London. The space, which has been called “the world’s first zero-waste” store, boasts a futuristic, immersive environment that reflects Bottetop’s commitment to sustainability, collaboration and technical innovation. (Bottletop products are made from the pull tabs of discarded soda cans, recycled metals and zero-deforestation leather.)

The interior, designed by Krause Architects, is entirely 3D printed from Reflow recycled plastic filament using proprietary technology from AI Build. (The 3D printing was done by an industrial-sized Kuka robot-printer that was on site during the process.) The ceiling has a hanging canopy made from thousands of recycled soda can tops in a 3D-printed mesh structure, while the flooring is made from recycled tires. Overhead lighting and changing digital wall projections envelop customers in the brand.

In addition to the unusual design elements, the store has its own scent, created in partnership with perfumer Timothy Han.

Speaking about the new store design, Bottletop co-founder Oliver Wayman said: “For the first time, visitors to our store will be able to witness the sustainable use of this technology first hand while shopping the Bottletop collection and learning about the mission of the brand.”
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