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Arby’s uses location-based software to assess its market footprint


Redlands, Calif. -- Atlanta-based Arby's Restaurant Group has licensed Esri’s Business Analyst software and business data to help with corporate decision making. Arby's is using the location-based system to more accurately assess its restaurants and trade areas including growing, remodeling, and relocating restaurants.

"Esri's Business Analyst has saved our GIS analyst countless hours and has had a positive impact on the Business Development department," said Dave Conklin, senior VP business development, Arby's Restaurant Group.

Arby’s can now update the locations of its restaurants and business development activity on designated market area (DMA) maps, which describe the activity taking place in individual markets. These maps are readily accessible to users, including development teams working in the field, through the Arby's intranet. Since the implementation, the teams are able to more easily and quickly monitor the business climate around each restaurant. This provides an opportunity for the organization to model different market scenarios to better serve its current customers and attract new ones.

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