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Amazon Go makes it 11

Amazon’s latest cashierless Amazon Go location may face some local opposition.

Amazon Go has opened its third store in San Francisco, at 575 Market Street, for a total of 11 locations to date. The newest outpost of Amazon’s self-checkout convenience store concept, the space measures 1,750 sq. ft. and is next to a public transportation exit.

The opening comes as San Francisco joins the growing number of municipalities considering a ban on stores that do not accept cash. Consumer advocates say cashless businesses effectively discriminate against poor customers who don’t have access to credit or bank accounts. According to an internal corporate memo, Amazon Go stores will reportedly begin accepting cash payments at an unspecified future date, reported CNBC.

In addition to the three Amazon Go stores located in San Francisco, Amazon also operates four Amazon Go stores each in Seattle and Chicago.

The Amazon Go store model eliminates the need for human cashiers, or cash payments. Cameras equipped with computer vision and facial recognition technology, as well as automatic sensors, keep track of the items customers take from shelves. When a shopper is ready to check out, they automatically pay with a registered credit or debit card inside the Amazon Go mobile app.
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