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Ahold USA selects EnerNOC’s EfficiencySmart to track and reduce energy use


Boston -- EnerNOC said Tuesday that Ahold USA will deploy EnerNoc’s EfficiencySmart Insight in the majority of its Stop & Shop, Giant Food of Maryland, and Giant/Martin’s grocery stores.

The web-based enterprise energy-efficiency solution will use data from 630 supermarket locations throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region to target and prioritize energy savings and offer Ahold USA enterprise-wide and store-level visibility into overall energy usage and spending. It will also help reduce energy spikes and related demand charges, optimize energy efficiency investments and strategy, and enhance measurement and verification of ongoing and future energy-efficiency projects.

“Ahold USA has worked with EnerNOC since 2005, and during that time we have gained a much clearer view of our energy usage on a site-by-site basis,” said Paul Grenier, manager of energy, Ahold USA. “EfficiencySmart Insight allows us to take those lessons to the next level by helping us compare usage across stores, identify leaders, and share best practices across all our locations.”

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