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States looking to reopen for business include…


A number of states have announced reopening plans that allow for non-essential businesses to get back to work.  

Here is a list of some of the latest state-by-state COVID-19 updates from the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association as reported by Chain Store Age sister publication HBSDealer. 

Alaska – The governor signed an order allowing the limited reopening of non-essential businesses and in-person retail establishments as soon as today.

Colorado – The governor announced a reopening plan for non-essential businesses after the state’s “stay at home” order expired on April 26.

Georgia – The governor issued an order providing health guidance for both essential and non-essential businesses beginning May 1.

Idaho – The governor has released a staggered reopening plan for non-essential businesses.

Michigan – The existing “stay at home” order has been extended through May 15. It requires employers to provide cloth face coverings to their employees. It also reopens certain non-essential businesses.

Montana – The “stay at home” order was extended through April 27. The order also includes a reopening plan for non-essential businesses.

Oklahoma – The governor released a reopening plan that calls for reopening some non-essential retail businesses between April 24 and May 1.

Pennsylvania – The governor has issued detailed guidance for the restart of construction projects in the state. All businesses in the construction industry are permitted to resume in-person operations starting Friday, May 1 which is one week earlier than previously announced.

Tennessee – The governor has issued a reopening plan for nonessential businesses starting April 27. The plan also includes health recommendations for essential businesses.

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