Wal-Mart Proposes Two Stores for One Limit


Dunkirk, Md., AWal-Mart proposal to build two stores side-by-side in Dunkirk, Md., may meet the letter of the law that limits big-box stores to 75,000 sq. ft., but not the spirit, according to critics. The Washington Post reported that the Calvert County Planning Commission has indefinitely postponed consideration of the proposed Wal-Mart project. The postponement could give time for commissioners to close a loophole in their regulations, the newspaper reported.

According to the newspaper, Wal-Mart officials said their Dunkirk plan meets the laws on the books. Technically, the project has two stores. One is less than 75,000 sq. ft. The other is a 22,689-sq. ft. garden center next door. Both have their own entrances, restrooms, and separate utilities.

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