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Industry insiders are the best trend-watchers. Here’s what the experts are seeing.

“There is more selectivity in the site selection process. There is a trend toward downsizing, and more non-retail tenants are taking interest. There is also a growing divide between A-plus real estate and everything else in the market. Everyone wants the best properties.” — Mark Dufton, CEO of DJM Real Estate, a Gordon Brothers Group company

“Retailers are thinking about a smaller footprint, but in most cases not significantly smaller. Also, there is a need to get their real estate portfolios ‘right.’ ” — Andy Grasier, co-president and CEO, A&G Realty Partners

“Good locations are harder to find. The price of real estate is going up. Retailers have to make good real estate decisions and have the right information available to make sure they are efficient in their real estate operations.” — Andy Thomas, president, CoStar Real Estate Manager

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