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Topgolf to add competitive esports experience

Sports entertainment brand Topgolf is bringing amateur competitive gaming events to its venues.

In partnership with Super League Gaming, Topgolf will host mobile- and console-based esports programs it claims will provide amateur gamers with professional gamer experiences. The intent is for location versus location competitions to escalate to local, regional, and national amateur leagues.

The program starts this month with Super League Clash Nights at the Las Vegas Topgolf, the first installation for the esports program. More locations will come on stream this quarter, including Austin, Charlotte, Minneapolis, and Scottsdale.

"We love [Super League Gaming’s] inclusive vision and how they have established dedicated local communities in major markets with Topgolf venues, said Topgolf Media president YuChiang Cheng, who noted that competitive were one of the company’s fastest-growing customer segments.

Experiences in both the TCL esports lounges and other locations will feature in-venue "shoutcasters" and real-time gameplay broadcasts, with simultaneous live streams and supporting video content running on SuperLeagueTV on Twitch, YouTube, and other digital platforms.
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