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Top 10: Apple heads list of retailers with highest sales per square foot


New York -- Apple Inc. operates the most successful retail stores by a significant margin, according to RetailSails, a retail and consumer goods consulting firm. Apple stores averaged $6,050 per sq. ft. in the past 12 months, double those of Tiffany & Co., which ranked second, generating sales of $3,017 per sq. ft.

Here is RetailSails list of the 10 retailers with the highest sales per square foot:

1. Apple ($6,050 per sq. ft.)

2. Tiffany & Co. ($3, 017 psf)

3. Lululemon Athletica ($1,936 psf)

4 Coach ($1,871 psf)

5. Michael Kors ($1,431/psf)

6. Select Comfort ($1,314/psf)

7. True Religion ($1,227/psf)

8. Vera Bradley Designs ($1,186/psf)

9. Birks & Mayors ($1,082/psf)

10. Fairway Market ($1,081/psf)

As to how RetailSails came up with its ranking, the company said it attempted to include as many companies across the broad universe of the U.S. retail industry as possible, deriving information from sources including company press releases and presentations, conference calls and SEC filings. In cases where information was not explicitly provided by the company, RetailSails used estimates based on industry sources or competitors' figures.

The firm also said it tried to strip out all non-store retail related revenue, such as direct-to consumer (e-commerce, catalog & phone) sales, wholesale, franchise and licensing revenue, membership fees, financial services revenue and gasoline sales, in order to normalize data to provide a meaningful and comprehensive apples-to-apples comparison of retail store productivity.

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