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Starbucks plans to double Clover locations


Seattle – Starbucks Coffee Company is opening its 500th location featuring Clover brewing, with plans to double the number of Clover locations globally by the end of 2014. Starbucks has offered its Starbucks Reserve coffees, a line of rare and exotic small batch single origin coffees brewed with the single-cup Clover system, since 2010.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to significantly expand the availability of our rare and exotic Starbucks Reserve coffees with the introduction of the Clover brewing system in many more stores around the world next year,” said Andrew Linnemann, VP, global coffee quality for Starbucks. “By brewing one cup at a time, using freshly ground beans to deliver that handcrafted cup of coffee to order, the Clover brewing system brings theater to the brewing process and enables our baristas to have rich conversations with customers about our coffee.”

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