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Starbucks, Disney to partner on six stores


Seattle - Starbucks Coffee Company and the Disneyland Resort will open a new company-owned Starbucks location at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, Calif. This store will be the first of four to be operated by Starbucks across Disney properties in the U.S.

Specific attractions of the store will include the story behind Starbucks coffee projected across a 10-ft. video installation and an interactive touch screen. In addition, this sustainably built to LEED standards location will include an outdoor patio designed around a native tree, reclaimed wood siding and a living, green wall with more than 1,000 plants in the shape of a coffee cup that serves as a backdrop to capturing memories for visiting guests.

“This store is a reflection of two iconic brands coming together to offer their customers the kind of high quality experience they expect in a way that embodies the unique passion of each,” said Arthur Rubinfeld, chief creative officer and president, global innovation for Starbucks. “Collaborating with Disney offered us the opportunity to create a unique moment of connection for our customers in a way that evokes the magic that their guests expect.”

Starbucks and Disney will bring five more Starbucks locations to guests, including: one additional Starbucks-operated location in Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort, two Starbucks-operated locations at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort and two Disney-operated locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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