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Silver Jeans to debut ‘Loft’ concept at Glendale Galleria


Winnipeg, Manitoba -- Canadian denim company Silver Jeans Co. said it will open its "loft" concept store at Glendale Galleria on Nov. 2 in Glendale, Calif.

"We put a lot of work into making sure the store environment represents our brand," says Michael Silver, CEO, Silver Jeans Co. “We've created an environment that has a comfortable modern feeling but also lets our guests know that we're a historic brand with a rich 92-year history."

The Glendale Galleria Silver Jeans Co. loft is designed to provide consumers with a unique and creative denim experience – from personalized customer service via retail sales associates called “Jeaners” to sliding loft doors accessing a hanging hammock. Rustic wood paneling, a craftsman-style denim bar and vintage Western Glove Works factory photos reflect the Silver Jeans Co. heritage in the 2,113-sq.-ft. space.

The loft will feature the latest in digital technology with an innovative mobile point-of-sale system. A 6-ft. media wall displaying the latest campaign and breakthrough music videos, as well as behind-the-scenes features from Silver Jeans Co. campaign photo shoots, will be the centerpiece. The Silver Jeans Co. loft will feature eco-friendly shopping bags and host community centric events for the Glendale area.

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