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Sembler Company names new CEO

The Sembler Company has announced that the son of founder Mel Sembler will take the company helm beginning the first of next year.

Greg Sembler, who already sits as chairman of the board, will replace Ron Wheeler, a 22-year veteran of the St. Petersburg-based company. Sembler has developed more than 350 projects in the United States and Puerto Rico and currently leases and manages 10 million sq. ft.

“Ron Wheeler steered this company through a very transitional time in the commercial real estate industry. He took strategic direction that positioned us extremely well now and for the future, and we’re grateful for his leadership,” said Greg Sembler.

Wheeler adjusted the company focus to grocery-anchored centers and, a company release claims, achieved a 95% or better occupancy rate across the portfolio. He also expanded the corporate philanthropy program to include increased employee-led, company-wide volunteering and instituted a program providing grants for underserved schools.

Greg Sembler has worked at the family company since 1983 and is also highly involved in community and charity work in St. Petersburg.
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