Rent-a-Tesla opens at Mall of America

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Rent-a-Tesla opens at Mall of America

By Al Urbanski - 01/23/2018
Can it be mere coincidence that, on the same day that Elon Musk has been given 12-figure revenue imperatives to remain at the helm of Tesla Motors, the very first Tesla rental agency opens shop?

TREVLS, the exclusive rental company of Tesla automobiles, is now open for business at Mall of America. The first renters of the ballyhooed electric luxury car will pay dearly to make history, shelling out daily rates of $195 for the compact model S 60D, $235 for the S 85D full-size sedan, and $350 for the X 90D SUV.

In truth, the timing of TREVLS’ opening is more closely tied to the Super Bowl being played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Feb. 4. Mall of America will no doubt be the biggest local attraction in the area prior to game day, and football fans can find cheaper deals to take spins in Teslas for as little as an hour.

“We’re thrilled that our first location is within Mall of America which allows us to reach more drivers switching to electric vehicles,” said John Marino, founder and CEO of TREVLS.

No doubt equally thrilled is Tesla founder Musk, whose new deal with the company’s board pays him no salary unless he hits revenue targets that start at $100 billion and escalate to $650 billion 12 years hence.

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