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Regency Centers completes first solar panel installation


Jacksonville, Fla. -- Regency Centers has announced the installation of the company’s first solar energy system at the Shops at Saugus in Saugus, Mass. The 18,740-sq.-ft. photovoltaic array, built with 1,064 rooftop panels, will generate an estimated 250 KW of renewable energy annually. The zero-emission power source will supply nearly 65% of the power needed by the center’s grocer Trader Joe’s.

The Shops at Saugus, a 97,904-sq.-ft. neighborhood center in the Boston area, was selected for Regency’s initial solar panel installation based on federal and state incentives, including Massachusetts’ Solar Renewable Energy Credit program.

“This project is a win-win scenario for Regency, Trader Joe’s and the environment. The Saugus solar system allows Regency to generate income from an unused portion of the shopping center roof, while meeting a majority of the energy needs for Trader Joe’s,” said Scott Prigge, senior VP national property operations, Regency Centers.

The Saugus solar installation will serve as a model for Regency to provide other retailers with eco-friendly energy options in other centers, according to the company.

Tim Lukes with Edison Energy served as a consultant to assist Regency with the installation of the solar panel installation.

Regency’s sustainability program greengenuity utilizes best practices in green building design, construction, operations and maintenance to reduce long-term operating costs and environmental impact of shopping centers. Current initiatives include smart irrigation, networked lighting, LED parking lot lights and innovative stormwater management systems.

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