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Phillips Edison promotes corporate responsibility

Developing neighborhood centers is a job that requires being a good neighbor. That’s the sentiment of Jeff Edison, whose Phillips Edison & Company has issued its first corporate responsibility report.

Achievements noted by the owner of 300-plus grocery-anchored centers in 32 states included:

 Saving approximately 36 million gallons of water and $178,000 through the installation of water conservation systems.
 Upgrading 1,889 tons of HVAC systems at 203 shopping centers and realizing $340,000 in energy savings throughout the year.
 Installing LED lights at 107 shopping centers.
 Completing more than 800,000 sq. ft. of white thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing at 32 shopping centers to reduce energy use.
 Recycling more than 100 million pounds of waste across 72% of its centers.
 Achieving at least one sustainability upgrade on 90% of all projects.

“When we invest in improving the environmental performance of our centers or work collaboratively with our partners to build the social fabric of our centers, we are simultaneously making it possible to outperform our competitors and improve every community where we operate,” said Edison, the company’s CEO.

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