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Pentagon Row’s new parking space sensors tie in with mobile app


Arlington, Va. -- Pentagon Row, the outdoor shopping and residential center in Pentagon City, Virginia, has installed nearly 2,000 parking space sensors. The sensors, which are located in each of the facility’s parking spaces, record whether a space is occupied, forwarding that information to illuminated signs and the Pentagon Row mobile parking app which direct parkers to the closest available spaces to their final shopping destination.

By eliminating the need for drivers to circle the parking garage searching for a space, Pentagon Row’s sensor system provides a more convenient and greener parking experience. Pentagon Row is owned by Federal Realty Investment Trust.

“We are proud to host one of the first parking facilities in the nation to offer such a comprehensive space sensor system,” said Robin McBride Zeigler, VP, Mid-Atlantic Region Chief Operating Officer for Federal Realty Investment Trust. “No longer do drivers have to circle the parking facility looking for an open space. Visitors are guided directly to open parking and can get in and out of parking areas more quickly and conveniently than ever before.”

Pentagon Row’s parking sensors send live parking information to the Pentagon Row mobile parking app, providing unprecedented convenience to shoppers by guiding them directly to open spaces, dramatically improving the overall shopping experience.

In addition to saving shoppers valuable time, the sensors also promote sustainability by reducing exhaust emissions from circling vehicles.

The Pentagon Row Parking sensor package combines two distinct solutions developed by different technology providers, Frogparking and INDECT Parking Guidance Systems. The package includes 278 ground-based solar-powered Frogparking sensors, and 968 mounted INDECT sensors. The combination of sensors and Frogparking’s clever parking management software provides intuitive and recognizable guidance to unoccupied spaces to users, through the use of the mobile parking app. The Pentagon Row Parking sensor package was developed and installed by Sentry Control Systems.

Pentagon Row’s mobile parking app also provides up-to-the-minute parking rate information and shows the location of available free parking. Drivers who forget where they parked can even use it to locate their vehicles, using the ‘find my car’ feature. The free Pentagon Row app is available in the iTunes app store and Google Play.

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