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Pen Centre to undergo $13 million renovation


Niagara, Ontario -- Niagara’s largest shopping center has launched a $13 million renovation featuring an environmentally- and shopper-friendly redesign inspired by Niagara’s vineyards, parks, gardens and trails.

“The design focus of the renovation will meet the Canada Green Building Council LEED-CI designation,” said Pen Centre manager John Bragagnolo. “Our aim is to ensure that the shopping center provides the best shopping experience with the least environmental impact possible.”

The entire mall floor will be resurfaced with new modern tile, complemented by all-new entrance doors, carpeted vestibules, sign pylons, director boards and soft-seating areas. The guest services desk will be fully redesigned with a wheelchair-accessible counter. All acoustic ceiling tiles will be replaced with drywall and wood laminate accents, complete with cove lighting and new fixtures throughout to produce a brighter overall shopping experience. Slimmer column designs will improve sight lines in the mall.

Three new skylights will add 3,600 sq. ft. of new natural light to the mall and reduce power consumption. New fixtures in the bathrooms, including hands-free amenities and a hot-water-on-demand system will decrease water and energy use. Combine that with a new watering system outdoors, and the renovation is expected to reduce the mall’s water consumption by 70%.

The food court will be completely redesigned, with larger square footage, increased modern seating for more than 150, added softer seating areas and counter-height seating. New recycling stations will include space for organic waste, which will improve the Pen Centre’s 63% waste diversion rate.

The full-scale remodeling of all the public spaces in the mall is the first major renovation to the interior of the Pen Centre since a 1994 expansion that brought 70 new stores to the mall.

The renovations are expected to be completed by early 2012.

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