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New stores fuel online growth


Brick-and-mortar stores are crucial to supporting a retailer's e-commerce growth.

When a new store opens, traffic to the retailer’s website from the surrounding postal area increases by 52% on average within six weeks of opening, according to research from British Land, one of the largest property development and investment companies in the U.K. The study, which used data from Connexity Hitwise, shows that digital traffic from the local area then remains around this demonstrating that a physical store has a significant, positive and sustained impact on digital interaction with the brand.

Brands with fewer than 30 stores enjoyed the greatest positive impact from store openings, with uplifts in local traffic to their websites of 84% on average

"The research shows that physical stores are an engine of online growth," said Charles Maudsley, head of retail, leisure and residential for British Land. "Consumers choose brands that align to their lifestyle and values: A physical store enables a retailer to demonstrate its brand in action and drive interest online. At the same time, stores enable retailers to respond to evolving shopping habits, market their brand effectively, and deliver products more efficiently."
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