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New store concept targeting Latinos has big plans


The two executives behind Curacao, a Los Angeles-based department store chain targeting Hispanics, have left the company to start a new retail brand called Star World.

With an ambitious goal of opening some 75 stores in the next five years, Star World made its retail debut on Oct. 9, in Huntington Park, California. Designed to offer the convenience and selection of online selling in a physical environment, the two-level, 30,000-sq.-ft. store sells a wide range of technology, home and fashion products targeted at Latinos with a high-tech twist that digitally extends its aisles into the warehouses of its suppliers.

According to its website, Star World “financial services to under-banked consumers who cannot easily access them, regardless of immigration status or lack of credit history.” The company reportedly is offering several credit card options, and a lease-to-own option.

Star World combines Apple store-like tech amenities with knowledgeable customer “advisers.” In-store kiosks are located throughout the space, giving shoppers access to products not shown in the store. According to Furniture Today, the kiosks are linked directly to the company’s vendors and will contain another 50,000 SKUs Only products that are available and in stock for delivery to customers will be shown on the kiosks.

"We are confident in our approach to put our customers center stage and offer them a shopping experience that reflects how society and shopper expectations have changed in the last ten years," said Jerry Azarkman, founder and president, Star World, and co-founder of Curacao, which has 11 stores in California and Arizona. "Waiting in line and limited product selection is a thing of the past. Using technology we will give shoppers expansive selection and make each customer transaction seamless, quick, easy and fun."

Star World has a colorful, high-energy environment. Video walls display the latest products in action and product demonstrations are designed to make the customer the star.

"We set out to blend the best technology with atmosphere, premium products, financing, and superior customer service,” said Rick Hutton, CEO, Star World, and former president of Curacao. “We want to raise our customer's expectations of a retailer."

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