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Nation's largest mall is ‘mapping out’ a better shopping experience


Technology that works like GPS for indoor locations is helping shoppers find their way through Mall of America.

The retail and entertainment center — which features 5.6 million square feet of retail attractions and hotel space, including more than 520 retail stores and restaurants — is hoping to enhance its visitor experience with a sophisticated, app-based indoor positioning system. The StepInside Indoor Positioning System, from Senion, directs visitors to their desired retail, restaurant, or entertainment destination within the huge complex through an app on their mobile devices.

The indoor positioning system (IPS) technology leverages wireless access points from Cisco, with the points positioned throughout Mall of America, The technology detects the smartphone’s movement and radio sensors to provide accurate positioning. Both companies are calling the project the largest retail installation of IPS in the United States to date.

“As a destination that welcomes millions of visitors from around the world each year, MOA is continuously implementing new offerings to enhance the guest experience and make the property more accessible,” said Jill Renslow, senior VP of marketing and business development at Mall of America. “StepInside indoor positioning system, allows us to of-fer step-by-step wayfinding, a more personalized visit that caters to the guest preference, and a way for visitors to more easily connect with our brands and attractions.”

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