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Luxury department store retailer in Fort Worth opening


Neiman Marcus will unveil its relocated store in Fort Worth, Texas, at The Shops at Clearfork, on Feb. 10.

The nearly 95,000-sq.-ft. store is the anchor tenant — and first to open — at the new upscale open-air center, which is being developed by Simon Property Group.

The new Neiman Marcus blends a modern, luxurious design with state-of-the art technology and an array of special services.

Exterior: Alamo Architects took special care to ensure the exterior of store drew upon the surrounding area’s natural features and climate. The building façade, which draws inspiration from woven fabric patterns, was created with artisanal pre-cast concrete. sustainable panels. Several of the panels feature white and clear hand-broken quartz, which glistens in the sun throughout the day.

Interior: Designed by CallisonRTKL, the interior holds closely to Fort Worth’s rich heritage by offering a bright and inviting ambience. Textures such as rope, leather and rebar are used in new and unusual ways. Culturally significant items evoking the city’s history were reinterpreted into the space.

Keeping in the Neiman Marcus tradition, art is integrated throughout the space, and includes new works from local artists or artists with strong ties to the area. The retailer worked directly with various galleries, dealers, and artists to assemble the collection, which includes original Halston sketches in each of the eight Couture fitting rooms.

The store boasts a full-service restaurant and bar, and a new open-sell concept in cosmetics. An oval shaped, glass walled Fragrance Room offers customers an interactive experience, with product testers displayed at central banks and organized into eight fragrance categories. The user-friendly space grants customers easy access to product via open shelving.

The latest in technology is integrated throughout the store. Tech features include two Memory Mirrors, eight Memory Makeover Mirrors, one Sunglass Mirror, and Rockbot, a modern day interpretation of a jukebox. Customers can lock their phones in a secure locker space to be charged while they shop. Digital directories are found at store entrances and the customer service area.

Other store features include:

• The Club Room for Men (an enhanced dressing lounge);

• The Girlfriend Room (an intimate area designed for friends to discuss clothing options and use Neiman Marcus’ iconic Memory Mirror); and

• The Presentation Room is a true jewel box of a space, with the dramatic wall covering and cozy nature providing a private space to try options from the Precious Jewels Salon.
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