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The logistics of a store remodel


Store remodels can yield big results, according to Atlas Logistics, with a 7% to 10% increase in sales to existing customers.

It’s recommended that a complete store remodel occur every five to seven years to keep things current. And such remodels can yield big results in terms of increasing sales, according to Atlas Logistics.

A new infographic from Atlas recaps the tasks involved — and some of the results:

• Eight weeks prior to construction a warehouse must be selected based on proximity, capacity and availability.

• Four weeks prior to construction the transportation of good must be scheduled, and this normally averages 10 truckloads and eight partial truckloads.

* The logistics partner will perform 20-30 deliveries of permanent fixtures throughout construction during the evening hours.

• After a remodel, sales to new customers increase 44%, with sales to existing customers increasing anywhere from 7%-10%.

Click the infographic below for more:

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