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Kimco intros leasing service for pop-up stores

Kimco Realty is the latest shopping center landlord to embrace short-term leasing for pop-up stores.

Pop It Up Here is a tech-driven program that allows retailers to search for move-in-ready pop-up locations in Kimco centers. The service is now active in six markets: Denver; Dallas; San Francisco; Phoenix; Bellevue, Washington; and Wilton, Connecticut.

Kimco is promising retailers instant foot traffic with a wide choice of sizes and floor layouts, as well as flexible terms.

“Many retailers find the freedom of a shorter-term lease appealing,” said Kimco COO David Jamieson. “Pop-up shops have become a way for retailers to test market ideas or transition from clicks to bricks without the liability of a long-term lease.”

Nearly a quarter of all brick-and-mortar retailers are testing pop-up stores, according to the National Retail Federation.

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