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Indiana town eyes new $150 million town center

Located just 40 miles south of Chicago, Cedar Lake, Ind., was once a popular summer getaway for city folk. Today, it’s an average residential community endeavoring to forge a link with its storied pass.

The town council is hoping that a new, $150 million-dollar town center on the lake might do the trick, according to The Times of Northwest Indiana. A mixed-used development in the Midway Gardens section would be “a game-changer,” according to Council President Randy Niemeyer.

Though the plan was first formulated 10 years ago, Cedar Lake is administrators are now seeking $1.5 million for a feasibility study to clean the lake and set the stage for investment in the project. Niemayer and his colleagues lean on the example of Lake Geneva, Wis., as a blueprint for their plan.

“It’s their redeveloped downtown [and] year-round activity that sustains them," he said.
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