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Freson Market unveils new CBX-designed prototype


New York City CBX has designed an Old-World inspired prototype for Freson Market Ltd., a privately held, supermarket chain with 15 units throughout the Canadian province of Alberta.

CBX developed the exterior and interior design, store layout, and all graphics -- including a new logo -- for the ground-up Manning, Alberta, store. The new 17,000-sq-.ft. building replaces the original 6,000-sq.-ft. Freson store across the street.

As part of its ongoing store renewal and expansion program, Freson retained CBX last year to initially handle the remodeling and expansion of an existing unit in Fairview. In addition, the firm is currently working on a handful of other existing locations to incorporate some of the new design elements in an attempt to unify the look and feel of the entire Freson network.

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