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Denny’s to open fast-casual format


New York City Denny's Corp. will debut its new fast-casual concept, Denny's Cafe, on Nov. 3, in Orange, Calif.

The 3,000-sq.-ft. format is designed to offer a smaller version of the traditional Denny's experience, with a more streamlined menu, counter service ordering, and a smaller real estate footprint that allows for easier entrance into urban markets.

“Denny’s Cafe was designed as a real estate solution to fit locations where we otherwise can’t get to with our traditional brand,” said David Demers, director of development projects and services for Denny's Corp., Spartanburg, S.C., in a report on “After doing some real-estate analysis, we found there were up to 700 locations -- in densely suburban and urban locations that we could get into with this fast-casual concept.”

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