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Cafaro unveils fit technology at two malls


Youngstown, Ohio -- Cafaro Co. announced that it will make Me-Ality (Measured Reality) available at its South Hill Mall, in Puyallup, Wash., and Eastwood Mall, in Niles, Ohio.

Me-Ality is a free service that uses cutting-edge technology to precisely determine a customer’s exact body measurement and provide a list of recommendations of where to find the best-fitting apparel to flatter that body.

According to Cafaro, a Me-Ality size matching station will open near the South Hill Mall Food Court on March 5, and at Center Court of Eastwood Mall on March 7. To use the technology, a customer will register some basic demographic information at the station, then step – fully clothed – into the Size Matching Station and stand still for about 10 seconds. The scanning wand rotates as exact body measurements are captured and then matched to the sizing specifications of apparel brands in the database.

A Shopping Guide will appear at one of the touch-screen monitors listing styles that fit the exact body shape, as well as the stores that carry the precise items. A paper copy is also printed. The entire experience is free and takes less than 10 minutes.

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