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Business incubator opens first mall location at Cherry Hill

1776, a business incubator that helps startups grow to scale, will be growing new commercial enterprises in a mall setting beginning this fall.

The Philadelphia-based company has signed a lease for an 11,000-sq.-ft. space at PREIT’s Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, with plans to open shop in November. The location is a natural spot for the incubation of new retail businesses, says the company’s chief.

“As the line between traditional retail and e-commerce continues to blur, we recognized the tremendous opportunity to partner with PREIT and bring together entrepreneurs and companies in a flexible environment while supporting creative collaboration across the industry,” said 1776 CEO Jennifer Maher.

1776 has 10 campuses in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., New York, and Virginia. The Cherry Hill site will also be its first location in New Jersey.

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