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Big mall owner CBL launches a rebranding campaign


Malls are not going away entirely, but the word “mall” may be an endangered concept.

CBL Properties, one of the nation’s biggest mall operators, with 121 of them in 27 states, has announced a rebranding campaign that that reflects a new strategic direction focused on operating community gathering places, not mere shopping centers.

“The rebrand aligns our corporate vocabulary with our current strategy and vision for the future of CBL,” said Stephen Lebovitz, president and CEO. “Our properties are not just about retail or shopping.”

Lebovitz is among the group of retail property owners who look at empty Macy’s and Penney’s stores and see an opportunity to fill the holes with tenants that might bring in more rent, as well as customers.

“[The properties] are evolving through the addition of more food, entertainment, service, fitness and other new uses, and we are actively exploring adding hotels, medical, office, residential and education components,” Lebovitz said.

While CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. will remain the company’s legal name, it will now go by the name CBL Properties publically.

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