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Batteries Plus Bulbs sees the omnichannel light


Hartland, Wis. – Battery, lightbulb and smartphone/tablet repair franchise Batteries Plus Bulbs is expanding its omnichannel experience — and that includes its physical store portfolio.

The company has launched a new e-commerce site, with a new and improved infrastructure, that ties its online presence more tightly to its nationwide network of more than 650 stores. And as part of its omnichannel growth strategy, Batteries Plus Bulbs plans to open 50 new locations across the country in 2015.

Specific improvements of enhanced search functionality, simplified navigation, geolocation technology and multiple purchasing options to create a more holistic and streamlined shopping experience that merges digital and bricks-and-mortar.

Additionally, the enhanced website includes new features and functionalities such as product recommendations, and a more seamless search and navigation process that takes the consumer directly to the nearest store and recommends the best product to purchase based on their specific needs.

“With 80% of all product searches starting online, we understand that omnichannel integration is the gateway to customer engagement and retention,” said Russ Reynolds, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs. “Our business is all about making complex things simple, and the new website enables both our retail and business account customers to easily shop for products however, whenever and wherever they want.”

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