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And the strongest housing markets are…


New York -- Retailers with stores in Denver, San Antonio, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale and Dallas might see some strong sales in the months ahead based on a new report, which identifies those cities as the nation’s hottest housing market.

Online real estate marketplace combed through its database and other information sources to arrive at a ranking of the nation’s hottest housing markets based on sales price appreciation and transaction volume. It is a list worth taking note of considering the tremendous impact a health housing market has on all of retail, not just the home improvement retailers.

“As the U.S. housing market has continued to recover from the Great Recession, we’ve seen significant regional variances in terms of both price appreciation and sales volume,” said executive VP Rick Sharga. “Earlier in the recovery, most of the growth came from markets that had suffered the biggest declines during the housing bust, but what we’re seeing today is more in line with fundamental economic trends: markets with the best job growth and population growth are recovering most quickly.”

According to the report, the Southwest remains the strongest U.S. region overall, with robust local economies and strong population growth continuing to drive housing demand. The Southeast and West also show promise, as even previously hard hit housing markets in these regions are improving rapidly.

The ranking of the top housing markets is below or the full report can be accessed here.

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