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Product News: Moss Launches Innovative Plastic-based Graphic Solution

Moss adds eco-friendly graphic to their product line

Moss grows their sustainable product line with the addition of SustainaTex Ocean, a fabric blend produced entirely from upcycled marine plastic, post-consumer waste and recycled polyester. This environmentally friendly textile will be the most sustainable synthetic in the industry and ship in 100% recyclable packaging: setting a new industry standard for brand impact using only eco-friendly graphic materials. To extend their sustainable product portfolio, Moss joined the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a community that works with ocean clean-up programs worldwide to transform recovered marine litter into Upcycled Marine Plastic.

Moss President and CEO Jason Popp said, “Moss is exclusively launching a fully sustainable SEG graphic with reclaimed ocean plastic, as part of our alliance with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. SustainaTex Ocean contains SEAQUAL® YARN, which is made from both marine plastic and post-consumer waste from land sources: ultimately creating a graphic with 100% recycled content. Also, going forward in Europe and the US, we are only shipping in bags made from 100% recycled content that are fully recyclable.”  

As the industry embraces the need for sustainable branding solutions— Moss is working hard to create an eco-friendlier environment for future generations and assure customers they are committed to providing solutions that promote an eco-friendly way of life.

“The addition of SustainaTex Ocean is a game changer,” said Popp. “We now offer a sustainable solution that provides the same level of impactful branding, and at the same time, contributes to plastic clean-up. In choosing SustainaTex Ocean to represent your brand, you are helping to clean our environment. I’m certain customers will find a level of comfort in knowing that.”

Moss continues to raise the bar in their sustainability efforts by combining engaging branding solutions with eco-friendly products and services.