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Premium dry cleaning chain kicks off national expansion

Mulberrys Garment Care
Mulberrys' newest location is its first on the East Coast.

An upscale dry cleaning and laundry chain that combines an upscale environment with premium services has its eye on national expansion. 

Mulberrys Garment Care has kicked off its East Coast expansion, opening a location in Washington D.C.'s Friendship Heights neighborhood. The opening is part of a strategic expansion plan designed to take Mulberrys throughout the East and, eventually, across the country. The chain currently operates more than a dozen locations in Minnesota and California.

Founded on the idea that garment care should  be a craft, not a commodity, Mulberrys sets itself apart from standard dry cleaners with a “spa-like" interior atmosphere that includes soft lighting, quiet acoustics, comfortable seating and floral displays.  It also sells a variety of products, including scented sachets, hanging cedar blocks for closets, air fresheners, hand lotions, scented candles and fragrant detergents. 

Along with an upscale interior, Mulberrys offers premium services such as "green" cleaning, complimentary shirt collar stays,  reusable wooden hangers and a 10-step-per-item detailed
inspection process in which trained personnel check buttons, hem and zippers and make
repairs as needed. For added convenience, customers can order free pickup and delivery service.

“We are delighted and proud to be debuting our first East Coast store in the District,” said Dan Miller, Mulberrys’ CEO. “The area is teeming with politicians, businesspeople, dignitaries and others who dress to impress and highly value a concierge level of service. We are custom-made to cater to that category of clientele, delivering a sophisticated VIP experience that will leave them feeling honored and appreciated and their items looking like new.”


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