Pet Supplies Plus, Wag N' Wash tout 2023 franchise agreements, planned growth

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Pet Supplies Plus
Pet Supplies Plus operates 720 locations in 42 states.

As the pet industry continues to grow, Pet Supplies Plus and its Wag N’ Wash grooming chain are celebrating strong franchise agreement growth in 2023 while planning dozens of new openings this year.

Looking ahead, Pet Supplies Plus told Chain Store Age that the company expects to open a combined total of more than 60 locations between the two banners in 2024. Citing data from Morgan Stanley showing that the pet industry could be valued at $275 billion by 2030, the company says it is positioning itself for strong future growth.

“We expect 2024 to be another strong year as we remain laser focused on growing the footprint of Pet Supplies Plus while continuing to roll out Wag N’ Wash in new markets,”  said Nick Russo, chief development and stores officer of Pet Supplies Plus Group. “Interest in the Pet Supplies Plus brand has never been stronger for both new and existing markets. Equally impressive, Wag N’ Wash has been a popular commodity, so we anticipate to sell a record number of stores this year.”

Pet Supplies Plus ended the year awarding 83 franchise agreements and maintaining its robust store services growth. Wag N’ Wash secured 12 deals and has now doubled in store count since being acquired in early 2022. 

In addition to the new franchise agreement, Pet Supplies Plus opened 62 new stores last year, and Wag N’ Wash opened 13. The most notable was the opening of Michigan’s first Wag N’ Wash, which also serves as the flagship location, in Ann Arbor. Pet Supplies Plus is headquartered in Livonia, Mich.

“Reflecting on the year, the key to our success has been building off a strong track record, immense passion of our current franchise owners, emphasizing our recession-resilient business, and leveraging our strong leadership team,” said Nick Russo, chief development and stores officer of Pet Supplies Plus Group. “Regardless of experience, franchisees can find their perfect match here – whether that’s a full-service, large-format store like Pet Supplies Plus or a smaller, service-driven dog specialty store such as Wag N’ Wash.”

Pet Supplies Plus, a subsidiary of Franchise Group, Inc., operates 720 locations in 42 states, while Wag N’ Wash operates 24 locations nationwide.

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