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Wren and Big Y grocer team toward customer relationship-building


Atlanta -- Wren Solutions said Tuesday it has launched a retail audit software offering Encapsulon Assessment, as well as a new customer relationship with Big Y, a supermarket chain operating 61 stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Encapsulon Assessment enables loss prevention and store operations professionals to streamline and simplify the process of designing, conducting, and following up on audits.

Big Y, which participated in the Encapsulon Assessment early adopter program for several months, said the software solution has positively impacted its audit processes.

“The ability to audit all procedures, policies, programs and training is vital to our business, and with Assessment the whole process is easier, faster and more effective," said Mark Gaudette, director of loss prevention for Big Y.

The grocer said it previously utilized a legacy audit system, which was extremely time and labor-intensive. Maureen Fuller, Big Y's loss prevention field manager said: “Now, not only can we conduct the audits quickly with an iPad, the application automatically gives me a snapshot of performance across stores once audits have been completed.”

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