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WhitePages rolls out identity scoring tool


Seattle – WhitePages is rolling out the WhitePages Pro Identity Score product, which is designed to help business users quickly validate customer identities to accelerate their order flow, as well as detect fake identities that warrant flagging the transaction. WhitePages Pro provides business users with access to a database of consumer contact information.

By coupling this database with proprietary algorithms, Pro Identity Score’s machine learning capabilities provide merchants the ability to clear good orders faster while simultaneously stopping fraudulent activities. The solution can be implemented by a merchant as a standalone product or as a plug-in to their existing fraud and risk management technologies.

“Confidently verifying customer identities has become more elusive in a digital and mobile world and, as a result, merchants must be smarter, more focused and more technologically savvy than ever before. PRO Identify Score accelerates order flow for merchants so that they can focus their limited resources on revenue-driving areas of the business,” said Tom Donlea, director of risk services, WhitePages Pro. “We have applied more than 15 years of contact data expertise to meet the very real needs of today’s online merchants. PRO Identity Score is a world class predictive intelligence engine that merchants can rely on to immediately strengthen their bottom line results, without stressing internal resources.”

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