Warehouse club is stepping up personalization execution

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Warehouse club is stepping up personalization execution

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy - 01/09/2018
A new platform is positioning BJ’s Wholesale Club to better connect with individual shoppers.

By expanding its partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, the warehouse club plans to add the technology provider’s TCx Vector solution. These retail applications will help BJ’s deliver more personalized offers to its members.

The new solution provides a comprehensive approach to planning and executing promotions and loyalty programs. The platform is designed to provides actionable insights needed to efficiently plan and execute targeted promotions.

BJ’s plans to integrate the technology within its continued rollout and expansion of self-checkout systems and other mobile shopping solutions. Both companies will also focus on the rapid development and deployment of new capabilities through the TCx Elevate digital commerce platform — a move that will bridge all of BJ’s channels, touchpoints and apps together. As a result, BJ’s can deliver more engaging customer experiences, improve productivity and increase profits, according to Toshiba.

“We are committed to making shopping at BJ’s even more convenient, and strengthening our relationship with our members,” said Scott Kessler, executive VP, CIO, BJ's. “We look forward to expanding our partnership with Toshiba in order to deliver rapid innovation with TCx Vector and the Toshiba TCx Elevate Platform.”